Pamughaton, to a Bulusanón, is panacea. Here in this blog, it might cure homesickness, curiosity and a thirst for knowledge, or provide linkages and updates. The sub-title means Bulusanón stories or conversations in Bulusanón.

bukid by abminaBulusán, my hometown, is in the province of Sorsogon in the Philippines. It is located at the southern-most tip of the main island of Luzon, in the region called Bicol, or Bikol. We who trace our roots there call ourselves Bulusanón. We speak a combination of Bikol and Waráy, the dialect of the people from Samar and Leyte of the other island group, the Visayas, just across the San Bernardino Strait. We call our language Bikol-Bulusán or simply, Bulusanón. (Photo at left, of Bulusan Volcano, courtesy of AB Mina.)

This blog is, mainly, about Bulusán and thedanaw Bulusanón; Bikolano, Filipino,  citizen of the world.


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