Panit sin sibuyas (Marasa pa)

15205589_1273123042760854_331769059_oSan Antonio Spurs coach Gregg Popovich on Donald Trump: ‘And so when he’s mad at the media for them reporting what he said, that just boggles my mind.’

Martin Andador: ‘We therefore decry the latest misreporting that the President will declare martial law simply ‘if he wants to’ or that ‘no one can stop the President from declaring martial law… We consider this kind of reportage as the height of journalistic irresponsibility.’

Ernesto Aberya: ‘Let’s try to use our creative imagination, okay? Huwag tayo masyadong literal.’

Bitalyano Auigrre: ‘The President always speaks in hyperbole, always exaggerated just to put his message across… It’s just an angry expression from the President and the public, especially the media, should not be surprised and rather be already accustomed to this…’

Burog: ‘Pu*** ina sinabi ko mga ugok, pu*** ina I can lose the presidency, my life, my honor. Just don’t fu** with me. Huwag niyo na akong takutin. Boycott, boycott, leche kayo, edi mag-boycott kayo! …There are vultures pretending to be journalists. Every son of a bitch who aims to be a journalist makes money out of it. And if he is killed, he is glorified because he’s a journalist.’
Retrato tabi ni Alma Jane Gamil. Salamat po.


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