An pagkapo’o sin mga surumaton

LumadNapurot ko ini na retrato nan sini na kampanya sa orihinal na Ingles, hali sa Facebook post ni Joel Pablo Salud.


‘Someone asked me, a good man, why I’m joining the campaign to stop lumad killings. “You live in the big city, Joel, thousands of miles away from what’s happening in Mindanao. And you have to admit, we have enough troubles in Metro Manila to keep your hands busy. Let Mindanaoans fight for their own rights. We all have our own battles to face.”

‘I said, “I will say to you this much, my friend: To be honest, I’m not even sure if what I’m doing would make a difference. I and the rest who are doing this have no grandiose dreams of being the saviors of the world, let alone a group of lumads living down south, thousands of miles away. I do the best I can, when I can, as a writer because that’s the only thing my two hands are capable of doing.

‘”Because if I don’t rise up against corruption, the abuse of our katutubo, the rape and plunder of their children and land, then I feel I am no better than the cuprits. I will be just as guilty. I pay the taxes they use to buy the guns that kill the lumads, purchase the bullets and explosives that lay waste their land and heap fear among the natives. In fact, government is using the people’s money to pay soldiers to protect multinational mining companies. The money I poured sweat and blood for to earn and give to government is being used to wreak havoc. I cannot sit still, eat my share of lunch and supper while carrying that thought at the back of my head. For crying out loud, it’s my money they’re using to kill these people! What do you fucking want me to do, sit all day on my fat ass and rant about traffic at EDSA? Why don’t you go and do that and leave me to deal with my pain instead.”

‘This good man said he never really thought of it that way. Well, he should and we all should. The taxes we pay government is being used to fund terror. If that is not enough to get us riled up, then we’re no better than the dead logs that litter our ravaged countryside.’

Bagaw san Wikipedia, ‘The Lumad is a group of indigenous people of the southern Philippines. It is a Cebuano term meaning “native” or “indigenous”‘.


San arin yadto, sa kolum ni Michael Tan sa Philippine Daily Inquirer, naisurat niya an manungód sa pagkamatay sin mga lenggwahe. Bagaw niya, malin duwa sa mga dahilan: 1) an pagtukali sini san surumaton sin mas dako na grupo. Halimbawa, an diyo na nagbuBulusanón, pwede ma’bihag’ sin mas daghan na nagtaTagalog. Sugad san pag-ataman sin salampati sadto. Kun mga tolo man hamok, di’ naaawat, natapón na sa mga salampati nira Gabin sa Central. Kaya ada bagaw san iba na Bulusanón, waki na nganyan sira, hindi na maaram magsurumaton ng Bikol. 2) an pagkadagka, labi sin mga kabataan, sa surumaton sin mas asensado na grupo, kay malin pamati nira, moderno ini nan asensado, kaya kun sugad sini an surumaton nira, moderno nan asensado na man sira. Sugad ada sini an pagdiyo san Bulusanón na kutóm, kay masugad ada, an kutóm, kadaanan nan  taga-umahon.

Syempre, an Lumad, kadaanan an pagbuhay, na inlalaom sa ingod o teritoryo nira. Wara sira sin mga papeles sin bas’og. Kaya kun sin’o an maaram nan makusóg an bo’ot, nakasusóg sa kanira lugar, nan napadayag sin mapaso-paso pa na papel na katunayan nganyan na kanira ini na ingod, diri sa Lumad.

Nakatupar liwat na an lugar san Lumad, mayaman sa mga bagay na inmimina, kaya nadagka dini an daragko na kumpaniya hali sa Canada, Australia nan Tsina, basi magmina. Basi diri maulang, pinagwardyahan an pagmina sa mga militar, nan sa mga paramilitary na grupo manta sin Lumad, an bagaw Magahat/Bagani. Kay sa pag-abot nganyan san kwarta hali sa mina, natunga an Lumad; an gusto san kwarta, nan an gusto san kadatihan na pagbuhay.

Niyan kay nagpaparatayan na, an’hon pa man nganyan an pagpreserbar sin surumaton nan kultura, kun an tagsadiri sini, magkakamaratay man hamok?


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